V-15 Ultra-low Noise Vacuum Cleaner

V-15 Ultra-low Noise Vacuum Cleaner
Suction Power, Low Noise.Flexible And Convenient.High-Quality Motor, Life 1500hours.Multi-Level Filter

Suction power, low noise.
Flexible and convenient
High-quality motor, life 1500hours
Multi-level filter
Vacuum Cleaner V-15
1. Vacuum cleaner suction powerful and low noise, which adopt spiral duct to reduce noise, and avoid erasure way of absorptive materials pack vacuum motor and lead to exhaust clog, affect suction, and shorten the life of motor.
2.Use for all the hard ground, daily nursing for different kind of carpet , especially suitable for hotels, wine shop, clubs, office, conference center, restaurant and places which laying carpet.
  • Description

1.1200W suction powerful
2.59db, low noise
3. High-quality motor, which can continuous work to 1500hours, and long life
4. Using multi-level filtering system, and exhaust clean air.
5. Small and flexible, easy to use
1.75M hose, Three plastic-steel straws, Adjustable wind handles, Tip suction nozzle, Combination brush, Round brush, Square brush, Floor &carpet brush, Cloth bag, Bag filter
Main Technical Parameter:

V -15

Voltage                                220V

Power                              1200W

Capacity                               15L

Suction power                        80”

MAF                              120c.f.m

Noise                                   59db

Weight                              5.8KG

Power Cord length               10M