M15 Ultra-low Noise Vacuum Cleaner

M15 Ultra-low Noise Vacuum Cleaner
Low Noise Household Vacuum Cleaners

M15 Low Noise Household Vacuum Cleaners
1. 1200W powerful motor
2. 80" suction
3. 59dB low noise
4. 15 litre capactity
M15 Low Noise Household Vacuum Cleaners
M15 Low Noise Household Vacuum Cleaners has powerful suction and low noise providing an excellent cleaning performance. Its outstanding design with careful attention is given to ergonomicsand environmental friendliness. A certified HEPA filter inside helps maintain a higher quality of air within the cleaning environment. Use in all hard floors, different kinds of carpet care, especially suitable for hotels, wine shops, clubs, offices, conference centers, restaurants, hospitals and kindergartens.
  • Description

1.1200W powerful suction
2.59db, low noise, benefits of daytime cleaning in noise-sensitive areas
3. High-quality motor, which can continuous work to 1500hours, and long life
4. Durable in design, small and flexible, easy to use
5. Secure accessory and power cord storage and rear mounted tool parking
6. 3-level filtering system ensures that it can be HEPA filter for superior dust control in e.g. hospitals and hotels
7. Best in class filling capacity 15L means less time to change dust bags
8. Big direction wheels are making it easy to move from place to place


1.75M hose, 3 plastic-steel tubes, Adjustable wind handles, Crevice nozzle, Combination nozzle, Round brush nozzle, Square brush dry, Floor & carpet brush nozzle, Cloth bag, Bag filter


Main Technical Parameter:


Voltage                              220V

Power                            1200W

Capacity                              15L

Suction power                       80”

MAF                             120c.f.m

Noise                                 59db

Weight                             5.8KG

Power Cord length               10M